170101 – #SHDiary Happy New Year 2017 πŸŒ…



Everyone shout that last night, in their mother language. Finally a new year has come. πŸŒ… Did you guys reach your goals in 2016? Congratulations and I’m so happy for you if you did. If not, don’t be sad, we have worked hard for it. ❀️ Also it’s new year already, so get tighten your belt, get new motivation and spirit to work more hard and do more better, so that you can reach your goals that can’t be reach in last year, also your another (new) goals and dreams! πŸ˜‰

How about your first day in new year? Did you spend it well? Glad if you do. ❀️

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161218 – #SHDiary Fanart Wannabe πŸ˜



Hi hello annyeong~

Wahh, it’s been a long time since my last article here… 😝 I’m sorry for not updating my blog. I keep strugling with my words bank these days. I just can write so many draft and being stuck over it. I promise I will post my draft as soon as it’s finished. Now, let’s change the topic. 😝

Do you know why I my tittle for this post is ‘Fanart Wannabe’ ? If you following my twitter, you guys probably know it well. πŸ˜‰ These days, I was so into drawing. Actually, I love drawing, but I’m not good at drawing fanart, I’m kinda sad about it, like I really want to have good skill in drawing and becoming fanart master like all of my favorite fanartist. And since a week ago, I decided to start practicing. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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161124 – #SHDiary Education, Economy and Early-age Marriage?


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What thought that come to your mind by read my tittle for this post?

Anything? Indonesia?

Actually, I don’t want to say that it’s directly to Indonesia, but the facts said so… Yeah… There’s so many things that can effect an education in Indonesia. It can be economy, politics, and early-age marriage. That’s the things that come into my mind when I heard ‘another side of education‘ and especially in Indonesia. I don’t know why. (Sorry, but this time, I wont talking about curriculum and the things, and also I wont talk about the politics, I don’t know much about it) Continue reading

161116 – #SHDiary Doctor or Teacher?


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Today class is about ‘Be a Professional Teacher‘, and after my friends finished their presentation, my professor ask us a question, “Which more hard? Being a doctor or being a teacher?”. Class becoming a bit quiet, my professor waiting for the answer with his kind smile like always, kekeke… πŸ˜‚ Continue reading

161022 – #SHDiary First Season Without ASTRO πŸ˜‚


source: instagram @mecimapro

Hi everyone… How are you? How is your day? Better? Good! Ah, I don’t know what to say, my sense is still weird. These days got more weird though… I really have mixed feeling last night. Happy, proud, sad become one and I ended crying alone in my boarder house. If you are my followers on twitter or my mutuals in facebook, then you know already by the tittle of this post… Continue reading

161012 – #SHDiary Learn From Finland! πŸ€


Finlandia University. source. google image

Today, there is a discuss in class about ‘Which country with the best education in the world?’. My classmates answer differently, like South Korea, Dutch, Singapore, Japan, England, and more. 😊 But my prof. said that they are wrong. I silently said it’s Finland, not too loud and just whispering so my prof. probably didn’t hear me, hehe, and then Yulida said it out loud. “Finlandia!” She said. And my prof. suddenly agreed. I’m happy that I guess it right, eventhough I said it silently, kekekeke. 😊 My prof. then ask us the reason, why Finland is the best at education in the world?

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